Alliances: why are they in gold and not in Vermeil Gold ?

Your alliance will accompany you all your life.If there is a piece of jewelry for which we recommend that you choose 18-carat gold, it is this one!

Why ?

Once at your finger, you will probably not remove it anymore. Since you are led to never leave it, you might as well choose a metal that requires no care ! 

In addition, your alliance is a fine ring. Although gold is more expensive than the Vermeil Gold, the price difference, on such a small design, will not be significant.

It is for these reasons that our wedding alliances and engagement rings are in 18 carat gold: one of the strongest precious metals used in jewelry. Unalterable, its alloy is malleable enough to be shaped without difficulty, and robust enough to accompany you throughout your life, without ever leaving you!

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