Tip n ° 1

Wear it !

Your Vermeil Gold jewel likes to be open air: if you do not wear it, avoid storing it in an enclosed place.

Bague Ellipse, Vermeil 18 carats. bague Calabrune bijoux fins en vermeil joaillerie fine
nécessaire d'entretien pour nettoyer ses bijoux Calabrune.

Tip n ° 2

Polish it !

Once in a while, clean your jewelry with hot soapy water, or using your care kit:

1. Add a few drops of oil to the Meudon white powder pot.
2. Rub with your fingers, go through the edges with a soft toothbrush.
3. Rinse with hot soapy water, dry and wipe with cleaning cloth.

Your jewelry is all shiny!

Tip n ° 3

Keep it sparkly

Your jewel is precious and sensitive to its environment: remove it to play sports, manual activities and to sleep.

The more you avoid contact with water, shocks and friction, the more its sparkle will be saved, especially for vermeil Gold jewels!

Bague Nébuleuse, diamants, vermeil 18 carats, Calabrune, maison de joaillerie fine
créoles Astre calabrune boucles d'oreilles en Vermeil 18 Carats créoles originales et fines bijoux fins

Tip n ° 4

over time...

Vermeil jewelrs may need to be gold plated again from time to time.

Every 3 to 10 years, when the gold layer has patinated enough for you to see the silver underneath, give us your jewel! We will send you a quote, and the workshop will take care of refurbishing it.

18 -carat gold jewels do not need this new glance!