Yellow gold, pink gold, white gold: what difference?

When you order a 18 carat gold jewel, you can choose yellow, pink or white gold. The difference between these three types of gold is explained by their composition.

The carat of gold is the unit of measure which defines what is the proportion of fine gold (pure) in the alloy. We base ourselves on a scale of 24 carats (1 carat = 1/24 of the metal mass).

18 carat gold is the purest used in jewelry : It is an alloy of fine gold, silver and copper: on 24 carats of metal, 18 carats (75%) are fine gold. The rest (25%) is made of silver and copper.

To give a yellow, pink or white color to the jewel, The craftsman still keeps 75% fine gold, and adjusts the amounts of silver and copper:

  • For yellow gold, it is a balanced combination.
  • For white gold, it has a bigger proportion of silver and smaller of copper. Silver brings a gray shade to the alloy. Then, the jewel needs to be covered with rhodium, in order to give it a bright white appearance.
  • For pink gold, the craftsman increases the proportion of copper (red-orange-colored) and decreases the silver.
 The color of gold therefore does not change its quality

Yellow, pink or white, 18 carat gold still contains the same proportion (75%) of fine gold. Hence its other name: Gold 750/1000!

 What gold to choose for which jewelry?

Yellow gold is the most popular in jewelry ; It fits perfectly with all kinds of precious stones.

White gold is particularly suitable for diamond paved jewelry Because its color reflects their radiance, and highlights them.

Rose gold brings an original touch to your jewel!