Our guide to offer a jewel!

Are you lost and can't choose? Here is a small practical guide in 3 steps. Follow us, you won't be mistaken!

Gift woman Idea

1. Observe ...

... and ask yourself the right questions:

Does it often change jewelry?
"Yes" : Good news, you have many possibilities! If she changes her ring every day, you can easily complete her collection.
"Nope" : if she never leaves her favorite necklace, offer her a bracelet, earrings or a ring.

Does it wear golden or silver jewelry?
All our jewelry is in vermeil or yellow gold. If she prefers white gold or silver, choose her rather a fine jewel so that she can associate her with her other jewelry, or select a white gold jewel Our 18 carat gold creations!

Does she wear jewelry sets of stones?

"Yes" : Opt for one of our iconic ringsMinuitConstellation, Rosée... or for necklaces Where bracelets matching.
"Nope" : Choose a sober jewel, without stone or with discreet stones. The ring NowI
e coffret rings Astre and constellation or the lineRuban for example.

Does she prefer wide or discreet jewelry?
"Large" : Opt for a cuff! Our designs Tweed andSocoa will be perfect.
"Fine" : Our othersbracelets should please him!

Does she have the ears pierced?

"Yes" : size, style ... She probably likes to change depending on the days and opportunities. Throw yourself in the water, you will not take much risk by choosing a design original !
"Nope" : Our earrings are only suitable for pierced ears. If not his case, offer him a rather bracelet or one necklace.

    Women's gift guide

    2. Investigate ...

    If you want to give him a ring, It is essential to know your finger size. Two options are available to you:

      • Build one of its rings And come and see us in our boutique rue Saint-Honoré(recommended), or bring it to a jeweler to measure it.
      • Download ourgauge And follow the indications. This method is less precise, but it works too!
          Women's gift advice Idea

          3. Order and offer it!

          You will receive, within 48 hours worked, a bag containing the jewel in its case, a certificate of authenticity, some advice and a necessarycare To maintain its long -year sparkle!

          The returns are free and easy. Don't wait any longer to order!

          If you can't decide, you can always offer him a gift card, or write to us for personalized advice!