Diamond point engraving

Engraving is the last step to make your jewelry a unique and personalized.

The engraving has been practiced for millennia and there are different techniques in jewelry: craft and modern techniques. At Calabrune, we opted for the Diamond Pointe Technique to engrave your jewelry.
It is an engraving tool equipped with a fragmentation of diamonds that comes into contact with the vermeil in order to mark it. The diamond renowned for its unequaled solidity is the ideal ally for making tailor-made engravings. The diamond tip allows for engravings custom made, precise and delicate that will bring a personal value to your jewelry!

How to choose your engraving?

A large number of our jewelry are engraving, as Our ringsnecklace Astre, The constellation medal or the bracelet Astre ! 

We offer engravings English Where Straight To match all styles and different moments of your life!
Engraving Englishseduces us for its old and traditional style. His writing in italics gives him a very delicate look. We appreciate the engraving RightFor a more modern and refined style.

What to engrave on your jewelry?

Depending on the event that connects you to your Calabrune jewel, different engravings are possible! A date, initials, symbols… Our team is At your disposal To help you find the engraving that looks like you!

Where are Calabrune engravings made?

All our engravings are carried out by us within our Parisian showroom. So don't hesitate!

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