The manufacture of our jewelry

Each of our jewelry is thought, drawn and made with passion, so that you keep it decades.

Where are our workshops?

To offer you quality, sustainable and reasonable prices, we surround ourselves with qualified craftsmen, and go and seek know-how where they are the best.

So we flew to Thailand, rich in a long tradition of jewelry crafts, and a must -see place for gems trading, to visit different trusted workshops. Our choice stopped on a human -sized structure, led by a passionate Swiss gemologist, which source all our natural precious stones. His workshop realizes all the stages of manufacturing, from modeling to the crimping, and is located near the stone traders.


Parisian workshop.

Finally, the engravings are carried out by us within our Parisian showroom.

How are our jewelry made?

1. Drawing

Maison. For each new collection, one imagine, the other draws, then they bring together some reflections and improvements to each design. Once seduced by the whole collection, these sketches are entrusted to the workshop for the realization of the first copies.

2. Modeling and model

From the drawings, the workshop produces 3D modeling of each creation. This makes it possible to further refine the designs, and to validate the volumes and dimensions of each jewel. NOTWe then print a model of the wax jewelry, thanks to an ultra precise 3D printer.

3. Lost wax melting

Around the model, the workshop creates a silicone mold, in order to reproduce it in several copies. All the wax models are then assembled along a rod, to form a "casting tree".

The workshop creates a plaster mold around this tree, then places it in an oven in order to melt the wax. The metal (925 silver) is in turn melted and sunk inside the mold, where it takes the place of the wax. At the exit of the oven, the mold is destroyed and reveals the jewelry, raw!

4. Finishes

shiny, brushed and the finishes made by hand with care. 

5. The gilding

boutique... then at home!

6. Quality control

A meticulous quality control accompanies each step in the manufacture of our jewelry, to offer you an ever more impeccable quality. A final in -depth control is carried out once the jewelry is finished.