Fine and precious stones

Some of our creations are setof precious stones which come from deposits from all over the world. All our stones are carefully selected by the workshop gemologist, from trusted traders. Our colored stones are natural and do not undergo any chemical, laser or irradiation treatment.

Characteristics of stones

Fine and precious stones were discovered by humans over ten thousand years ago. Symbol of wealth and beauty, they have always been used to enhance the ornaments. There are all types and all colors, which make it possible to adorn the jewelry and art objects in a thousand ways.

Whatever its nature, quality and preciousness of a stone are evaluated according to the following 4 criteria:

The carat

It corresponds to the mass of the stone. It is proportional to the dimensions of it, depending on its density.

The colour

Color is an important criterion in the choice of a stone. There are multiple shades within a family, as well as a color can be wooded by several typologies of stones.

Purity (Clarity)

Few natural stones are perfectly pure. During their training, foreign bodies or "crystallization accidents" can form inside. Is the
calls inclusions. They are the ones who make each stone unique.

Size (cut) The size corresponds to the form given to the stone by the lapidary, and to the facets which take shape on its surface. There are dozens that make it possible to reflect light differently, and to give gems various flashes.