Vermeil / Gold: what is the difference?

Vermeil and gold are both classified among the precious metals, alongside platinum and Silver. If 18 carat gold is unalterable, vermeil requires more care.  

Vermeil gold

In France, to have the Vermeil gold designation, certain criteria must be met: a 925 silver base, covered with a 5 microns layer of 18 carat gold minimum. To attest, jewelry is marked by stamps "925" or "V".
This is the case for all Calabrune designs in vermeil gold.

A lighter metal ...

Vermeil gold is lighter than gold : your earrings will never be too heavy to wear!

... and less expensive

Vermeil gold is less expensive than gold. Composed of a 925 silver base covered with 18 -carat gold, it allows you to offer lasting jewelry, at more affordable prices.

Vermeil / gold: what difference? Calabrune Joaillerie Fine

 More care

Vermeil gold requires a little more care than Gold to keep its brightness. From time to time, clean it with a few simple gestures. Find our advice for care by clicking here.

18 -carat gold remains THE best metal for all designs in jewelry: unalterable, it is the most robust and the most long lasting precious metals.

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