What is Vermeil gold?

Vermeil gold is classified among the precious metals alongside gold, platinum and silver. More long lasting that the "gold plated" , it has many advantages:

It's a precious metal
Vermeil gold is made exclusively of precious metals : a 925 Silver base, covered with 18 carat gold. The base of the "gold plated" is a common metal, often brass, which, unlike silver, degrades over time.

To attest to vermeil, the Calabrune designs in vermeil gold are marked with the "925" or "V" stamps.

A layer of gold 5x thicker ...
To get the Vermeil designation in France, the gold layer must be 5 microns minimum, 5 times thicker than for "gold plated" jewelry.
Vermeil / plated: what difference? Calabrune Joaillerie Fine
Zero allergy, zero green finger
Unlike plated brass, Vermeil gold gives no allergy, and does not dust on the skin.
A longer lifetime
Vermeil gold can be re-plated indefinitely. By taking care of it, you will keep your jewel for many years.
Vermeil gold is, however, not Gold: it requires more care.