Bracelet Maillons customizable

385 €


3X payment free of charge


Returns 90 days

18 ct Vermeil Gold

Bracelet Maillons in 18 carat Vermeil Gold, to customize.

Add to your bracelet the medal Constellation, set with a small diamond, that you can engrave and hang on the clasp!


18 carat Vermeil Gold.

Vermeil Gold is a precious metal made of 925 silver and 18 carat gold. Learn more.

Weight: 11.3 g.

Bracelet length: 17.5 cm.


Design does not fit ? Returns are possible within 90 days ! Here.

If one of the two articles of the coffret are returned, the discount will no longer be valid. The engraved jewelry is never refund or exchanged.



Calabrune* is a story of friendship and family passion. Our name is also a nod to Thaïs' grandmother, who has been creating jewels for 40 years in her workshop in the South of France. Thaïs was spending her childhood summers assisting her grandmother in making necklaces, her passion increased until she later trained in gemology and jewelry.

20 years later, we flew to Thailand, rich in a long tradition of jewelry craftsmanship, and a central place for gem trading, to visit trusted workshops. We chose a human-sized structure, led by a passionate Swiss gemologist, who sources all our natural precious stones. Her workshop carries out all the manufacturing steps, from modeling to setting, and is located in direct proximity to stone traders.

*Calabrun: Twilight in Provençal

precious & affordable jewelry

Vermeil Gold

To offer you lasting jewelry, we chose to make our jewelry in Vermeil Gold: a precious metal used since Antiquity in goldsmith and jewelry. Lighter and cheaper than gold, it was chosen to make the crowns of the kings of England and France, or the gold medals of the Olympic Games since 1912.

Vermeil is classified among the 4 precious metals alongside gold, platinum and silver. It is made of a 925 silver base, covered with 18 carat gold (750/1000th). To get the Vermeil designation in France, The gold layer must be at least 5 microns thick. More resistant and lasting than gold plated jewels, you can get a precious jewel in Vermeil, precious but affordable.

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