Necessary tocare

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Your best ally to shine!

Like a silverware service, a jewel in vermeil is cleaned from time to time. This necessary ofcare will help you keep the brilliance of your jewelry! It is offered for any order.

Use it once a year, or if brown spots appear on your jewelry.


  • Add a few drops of oil to your meudon white jar.
  • Rub the jewelry using your fingers, go through the corners with a soft toothbrush.
  • Rinse with hot soapy water.

In two stages, three movements, the result is breathtaking!

Find our advice fromcare by clickinghere.



Calabrune* is a story of friendship and family passion. Our name is also a nod to Thaïs' grandmother, who has been creating jewels for 40 years in her workshop in the South of France. Thaïs was spending her childhood summers assisting her grandmother in making necklaces, her passion increased until she later trained in gemology and jewelry.

20 years later, we flew to Thailand, rich in a long tradition of jewelry craftsmanship, and a central place for gem trading, to visit trusted workshops. We chose a human-sized structure, led by a passionate Swiss gemologist, who sources all our natural precious stones. Her workshop carries out all the manufacturing steps, from modeling to setting, and is located in direct proximity to stone traders.

*Calabrun: Twilight in Provençal

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